4 most underrated moves the Bengals made in the 2023 offseason

Cincinnati Bengals Introduce Zac Taylor
Cincinnati Bengals Introduce Zac Taylor / Joe Robbins/GettyImages
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Fans love every move our favorite team makes in the off-season. And even if we don’t appreciate it initially, we will convince ourselves that it will work out. The Cincinnati Bengals made quite a few well-received moves this offseason. There are some which are less notable than others.

Here are four underrated moves the Bengals have made this offseason and their impact going forward. 

4. “Convincing” Jonah Williams to play right tackle

Convincing Jonah Williams to accept a role at right tackle after his trade request is one of the most underrated moves the team has made this offseason. Another way of looking at it is the team gave the tackle no choice but to accept the change. No matter which side of that particular coin you fall on, it is a significant development. 

First, if you believe in offensive line cohesion, you should be elated that the Bengals know who the starting five are. Now, they have an offseason, training camp, and preseason to work and gel with the same five guys at their respective positions. 

Furthermore, knowing who the five starters are will echo throughout the roster. It will allow the coaches more time to concentrate on where the backups fit best.

Who is better suited for guard or tackle? Who plays better on the left side? Who is better suited for the right? How many offensive linemen will they keep? Does that mean they can hold on to an extra wideout or defensive back? 

Also, despite his hesitation to embrace the change, a move to right tackle could be good for Williams. It could allow him to “rehabilitate” his career a bit, heading into free agency next year, showing teams his versatility.

Williams has not played right tackle since the 2016 season at Alabama. And who knows, he might find he’s better off on the right side in the NFL after all.