4 options to play right tackle if the Bengals trade Jonah Williams

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Jonah Williams does not want to play right tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals and has requested a trade. If the Bengals honor his wishes (which there's no guarantee they will), the team will be in search of a new right tackle.

The team likely thought they had everything figured out. Orlando Brown would slide into the left tackle spot and Williams would agree to move over to the right side.

Yeah, Williams clearly is not a fan of this scenario. He wants to go somewhere where he can play left tackle.

If Williams ends up getting traded (and remember -- He's earning $12 million this year so factor that in when it comes to why teams might not want to trade for him), who else could the Bengals slide in at right tackle? Let's look at some options.

La'el Collins

The easiest name to throw out here is the guy who played right tackle for Cincinnati last year. La'el Collins signed with the team in free agency and talked a big game but didn't live up to the hype he provided for himself.

Collins wasn't terrible by any means but he was underwhelming, to put it nicely. His Week 16 injury led to him missing the rest of the season and it felt like Collins' time in Cincinnati was over before it ever really began.

Cutting Collins could save Cincinnati $7.7 million this offseason, which seemed like a smart move for them to make before all of this stuff went down. Now, he might be their best option at right tackle moving forward.