4 players Bengals should already have on their draft board for 2024 draft

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Brevyn Spann-Ford, Minnesota

It’s not something you need, but you noticed it down the patisserie aisle, so why not pick up a tight end? And one that reminds you of that crazy afternoon in Aix-en Provence is Brevyn Spann-Ford.

Spann-Ford is a big and athletic tight end in the mold of Darnell Washington. He can be explosive in the passing game and is also effective as a run and pass blocker. He is a “glass eater” from the tight end spot.

It would not be surprising if we found out that the Bengals passed on all tight ends in the 2023 draft just for a shot at Spann-Ford in 2024. 

While he is not as good of a pass blocker as Darnell Washington or Brayden Willis were coming out, Spann-Ford is just as physically intimidating as Washington and is as good of a run blocker as the former Bulldog and Sooner. 

Even with Spann-Ford’s size, strength, and run-blocking prowess, he spends a lot of time lined up as a receiver in the Golden Gophers’ offense. The large Big Ten tight end finished last season with 42 catches, 497 yards, two touchdowns, and stacks on stacks of pancakes, err, crêpes. 

The Bengals have zero tight ends under contract after this upcoming season. They will be in search of that position via free agency and the draft. Hopefully, Spann-Ford will find his way near the top of their board.