4 positions Bengals could draft in first round of 2023 NFL Draft, 3 to steer clear of

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Steer Clear Of: Center

If there's one position on the offensive line that I think the Bengals should all-out avoid in the first round, it's center. This is easily their most solidified position on the entire O-Line, as Ted Karras has more than proven to be a good protector for Burrow, not to mention bringing a leader-like energy to the offensive line unit.

While I'm all for building depth and wouldn't be opposed to them taking one in the third or fourth round to have play behind Karras and learn from him for when Karras either goes down with injury or moves on to a new team, I think getting one with their first-round pick would be a waste. Also, this draft's center class is just rather weak.

The only one that's shown up in a few mock drafts is TCU's Steve Avila, while the rest are projected to still be on the board well into the second and even third round of the 2023 draft. Even the aforementioned prospect from TCU has been predicted by many to still be available after the 31st pick is in. In short, this is not the draft to look for a center in the first round in.