4 potential candidates to be Bengals No.3 RB

Who will round out the running back depth chart?
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Calvin Tyler Jr.

Naturally, many UDFAs go under the radar. The media tends to ignore them and fans are usually unaware of their existence, at least unless they make big noise once the season gets underway. There have been several undrafted running backs that achieved league-wide acclaim -- if just for one season-- in recent memory. James Robinson, Austin Ekeler, Phillip Lindsay, and Matt Brieda, just to name a few.

So, if those guys could manage to have at least one or, in some cases, multiple good seasons as a pro, it's not farfetched at all to say that Bengals' own UDFA out of Utah State Calvin Tyler Jr. could end up getting that third spot on the running back depth chart.

In his last year with the Aggies, CTJ managed to rush for over 1,100 yards and 7 touchdowns on 4.4 yards per carry. Those are solid stats and there's certainly something there to build off of.

However, the numbers nor the film weren't enough for teams to overlook the one thing that likely made him fall out of the draft: his age. Despite being a rookie, Calvin Tyler Jr. is 24 years old. Other positions like quarterback might get a pass for this, but considering the shelf-life of running backs are already short as it is, this likely scared many teams out of drafting the Utah State back.

It did not, however, scare the Bengals' front office from picking him up after the three days of selections. This a move that many fans likely didn't know about considering, again, UDFAs aren't usually heavily reported on. CTJ is a sleeper pick to get that third running back spot and, being up against Trayveon Williams and Chris Evans for it, he'll certainly have his work cut out for him.