4 potential candidates to be Bengals No.3 RB

Who will round out the running back depth chart?
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Rex Burkhead

Anyone in the mood for a reunion?

Many of you reading this likely remember Rex Burkhead, selected by Cincy in the sixth round of the 2013 NFL Draft, he spent four years in stripes. 2016 was by far his most productive, rushing for 344 yards and two scores, which was enough to get him a job with the New England Patriots for four more seasons-- where he'd win a ring in 2018 against the Los Angeles Rams-- before ending up in Houston for the last two years, the team eventually letting him walk this year in free agency.

Burkhead was never a key piece for the Bengals, only responsible for a total of 650+ scrimmage yards and four touchdowns during his four-year span in Cincinnati, but signing him to add more depth to the running back couldn't possibly hurt. He didn't start a single game in 2022 and rushed for less than 100 yards, so his price tag would likely be the minimum, and his experience could help the younger players on the team like Chase Brown, Chris Evans, and Trayveon Williams develop into stronger running backs.


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Of all the options, this is easily the least likely. Chances are the front office won't go out of their way to sign somebody to take that third spot on the chart and would rather work with what they already got, but it's fun to speculate regardless.