4 reasons to be nervous about the 2023 Cincinnati Bengals

  • What if Burrow goes down?
  • OL
  • Tough division
  • Tough conference
Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers
Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers / Joe Sargent/GettyImages
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3. OL Depth

As we saw at the end of the 2022 season, having reliable backup offensive linemen can be the difference between making the Super Bowl and watching the game from home. The Bengals revamped their starting offensive line last offseason but unfortunately for them, the depth ended up costing them when push came to shove.

The offensive line depth did nothing to inspire confidence amongst the fans and with all of the injuries the starters suffered down the stretch last year, what if that happens again in 2023? Can Jackson Carman come in and play if one or both tackles get injured? What if Trey Hill has to step in for Ted Karras? You get the idea.

The offensive line cost the Bengals a Super Bowl in the 2021 season and a repeat trip to the Super Bowl in the 2022 season. Will this finally be their chance to not cost the team and be a positive and not a negative?

The depth hasn't been reassuring but hopefully, we don't even need to worry about this.