4 recent Bengals draft picks who could be cut this summer

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Chris Evans

Running back Chris Evans is another recent draft pick with some risk of being let go this summer. 

The Bengals could have stayed pat with Chris Evans and Trayveon Williams as the backups to Joe Mixon, however, they drafted a running back that fits perfectly with what the club needs in Chase Brown. Williams signed a new, albeit one-year, contract to stay with the club. That, along with Cincinnati's unwavering commitment to Mixon, the talented yet underused Evans could be in danger of losing his spot with the team. 

If we were to come down on one side or the other, we would bet on Evans being on the team when the final 53-man roster is announced. His lack of playing time and the drafting of Brown might signal the coaches are less enthusiastic about Evans than the fans are. 

Evans' lack of playing time is disappointing when considering what we have seen from the former Michigan Wolverine is, while limited, very promising. 

Maybe this year will be the year Evans breaks out or, this preseason may be one when Evans is auditioning for another team. In either case, this summer, we should get a better feel for how the coaching staff feels about him, one way or another.