4 significant questions for the Bengals wide receivers this season

  • What will Boyd's role be?
  • Is Higgins sticking around?
  • What to expect from the rookies
  • What about Irwin?
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Is Tee Higgins getting an extension?

Tee Higgins is another player that is on the last leg of his contract, though fans are much more optimistic that the Bengals will keep him around for the long term.

Both parties have hinted at an extension for the entire off-season. Higgins has proclaimed how much he wants to stay in Cincinnati while Duke Tobin has said that they are not open to trading the 6'4" physical threat and this reasonably leads most fans to believe that he's going to be here for the long haul. However, as of this writing, they haven't worked out an extension yet.

Now I understand it's a complicated business, not everything can be done with a snap of the fingers and they're likely holding off on his big payday until they work one out with Burrow, because that's priority number one. Still, I can't help but be a little concerned with the lack of any updates on that front, especially since they've banged out deals with other guys like Trey Hendrickson and Logan Wilson.

Potentially one of the main reasons that Cincinnati hasn't worked that out yet is that Higgins is going to command a lot of money, especially in the current receiver market. He may be a 'WR2', but he will (deservedly) get paid like a number one option.

In fact, Brad Spielberger and Timo Riske over at Pro Football Focus have projected that an extension for him will be near a nine-digit contract. 4 years, $97 million to be exact. That is a lot of money, especially when you take into account what Burrow and Chase might get with their extensions.

I still think they will keep him on the team for the foreseeable future, but you never know until the day rolls around that a deal either does or does not get worked out. After all, most of this fanbase thought we'd be keeping Vonn Bell, however, he ended up going to another fierce cat team down south.