4 star players the Bengals could’ve drafted in the past five years but didn't

- Warner instead of Price

- Lawrence instead of Williams

- No one regrets taking Burrow instead of Herbert

- Taking Carman over Humphrey is a regret

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Justin Herbert, Quarterback (2020 Draft)

Nobody in Cincinnati will ever question selecting Joe Burrow first overall in the 2020 NFL Draft. The drafting of Burrow has been the stimulus to one of the most impressive franchise reboots the league has ever seen. That said, Burrow is not the only elite quarterback to emerge from that draft class.

While it never really felt in play, the odd draftnik suggested that the Bengals should consider Oregon's Justin Herbert with the first pick. Turns out, the Bengals likely would have hit whichever direction they had gone in. Herbert too, has immediately shown himself as one of the most naturally talented passers in the NFL.

The LA Chargers signal-caller hasn't enjoyed the playoff success of Burrow but there is no doubt he has the arm talent and physical gifts that GMs dream about. The two will likely be compared throughout their careers and it will always be interesting to consider what if, had they swapped places.