4 teams who could sign Joe Mixon if the Bengals cut him

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
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Los Angeles Rams

The Rams had the fifth-worst rushing attack last year and with the Cam Akers trade rumors that popped up midway through the season, they could be an unexpected landing spot for Mixon. Of course, this prediction heavily relies on whether Akers actually requested a trade like many suspects and if his denying these rumors was simply to avoid the drama that'd come if he affirmed them.

The Super Bowl LVI champions (it still stings) are going to need a good rushing attack if they want to climb back to the top, especially if the injury that Matthew Stafford suffered prevents him from returning to his 2021 form.

Mixon could be the option for them here, especially if Akers ends up being cut or traded this offseason. They'll no doubt be desperate for an RB1 if that were to happen, so I could see them giving Mixon the money he wants.

Carolina Panthers

This might come as a bit of a surprise, as the Panthers finished 10th in rushing yards this season, but their lead rusher D'Onta Foreman-- who finished with 914 yards on 203 touches with five touchdowns-- is a free agent this offseason and I wouldn't be surprised if the Panthers don't re-sign him or get outbid by a team in need of a good running attack.

They do have Chubba Hubbard, who complimented Foreman nicely as RB2, and I do believe the Panthers are more likely to move with him as their starting running back than I believe the Bears move forward with Herbert, but if not, Mixon will be in serious consideration for this role. Not only could he bolster their rushing attack, but neither Hubbard nor Foreman was effective at all through the air, finishing with less than 200 yards combined.

Like with Fields, assuming the Panthers go quarterback as many assume with their pick and grab C.J. Stroud, Will Levis, Anthony Richardson, etc., having someone out of the backfield who can contribute to the passing game can be a huge help to a young QB, and Mixon has shown that he can be a decent threat in the receiving game.