4 teams who could sign Joe Mixon if the Bengals cut him

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Cleveland Browns

Making a list of predictions is never fun unless you have one that is completely bold and a total wild card, so here's one I came up with that has Mixon leave Cincy but not Ohio. You may be asking, why would the Browns go after Mixon when they have arguably the best back in the league in Chubb and a top-10 rushing attack? Well, the answer doesn't lie with Chubb, it lies with Kareem Hunt.

Hunt is not only a free agent, but he had a down year even as the second RB off the depth chart, notching 468 yards on 3.8 yards per attempt. With this in mind, Cleveland might not re-sign him or at least might not give him the deal he wants. And if they want to keep running the dual running back system they had going on with him and Chubb, could Mixon take over?

Probably not, but it's still fun to explore. There are a lot of factors this potential signing is riding on. For one, the Browns' front office would have to want to sign him, and that's not a guarantee considering the fact they have Chubb and that Mixon is coming off a bad year. Two, Mixon would have to be willing to take substantially less money than an RB1 and be willing to give up the carries he was seeing in Cincy or carries he might have seen on other teams.

And three, the Browns could easily sign another solid, cheaper running back to pair alongside Chubb. So will this happen? Again, probably not, but having a wild card prediction is always fun, so here's my wild card.

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Where do you think Mixon will land if the Bengals cut him?