4 way-too-early bold predictions for Bengals in 2023 regular season

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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Whoever is back there cracks 1,000 yards rushing

At the time of my writing this, the running back position for the Bengals is still very much up in the air. Whether they sign one of the many remaining free agents, test their luck in the draft, or keep it rolling with Mixon in 2023 is unknown.

However, to me, it doesn't matter, since I think whoever is back there-- be it a free agent scorned from his previous team, a rookie getting his first shot in the NFL, Joe Mixon, or even Trayveon Williams/Chris Evans-- will break the 1,000-yard rushing mark. This was a weak spot of the offense last year, finishing in the bottom five in both total yardage and yards per attempt, thanks in part to an off-year from Mixon and the O-Line taking so long to mesh and gel together.

However, this year, we probably won't be going in with an entirely new unit as we did in 2022. Karras and Cappa are practically a lock-in to start after having impressive seasons in their first in Cincinnati, and I can see Cordell Volson also still being a starting Guard in Week 1.

The potential Volson has paired with the signing of Orlando Brown Jr. plus this offensive line unit going in with more chemistry than they had last year since at least two-- possibly three or four depending on how ready La'el Collins is to come back-- I can see them clicking together much sooner than they did this past season and not only the passing game but the run game as well benefit from it.

So, with a healthy dose of confidence, I will proudly say that I full-heartedly believe that whoever is RB1 come week one will end that season with over 1,000 yards rushing.