How do 49ers fans feel about Bengals free agent target Mike McGlinchey?

Jan 8, 2023; Santa Clara, California, USA; San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey (69)
Jan 8, 2023; Santa Clara, California, USA; San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey (69) / Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals might be in the market for a new right tackle this offseason and Mike McGlinchey appears to be the best option in free agency. Cincinnati set La'el Collins' deal up in a way that allows them to get out of it this offseason or stick with him for the remaining two years if they decide to run it back with him.

With the McGlinchey buzz out there, I took note of this post on the 49ers subreddit from a Bengals fan asking about the right tackle. The fan asked what the chances were of McGlinchey re-signing in San Francisco and if he's any good.

What did 49ers fans have to say about Bengals target Mike McGlinchey?

The comments below have only been edited due to curse words.

"You're not going to find any consensus on that here. In my opinion it is hard to tell the priorities of the front office when it comes to resigning him. If they like him and want him back, then they could make that happen. In terms of how good he is, well I would say he is an above average tackle in the league. He has some bad play and some good play, it's hard to find a great tackle in the NFL, they just aren't growing on trees." - u/49IRS

"McGlinchy is a good run blocking tackles and a below average pass blocking tackle. He's better than this sub gives him credit for. You could do worse than McGlinchy" - u/jim25y

"Honestly he'll have a highlight-worthy (in a bad way) play every other game, but in the run game he's elite. Pass game, he's meh. Fan base loves to s**t on him, but other than a rookie, I dont see us upgrading. But he might just cost too much for us to retain." - u/badDuckThrowPillow

"A- in the run game.
C- in the pass game.
You guys pass A LOT more than we do. I don't think he's worth the top dollar he's allegedly going to be demanding but he is above average over all. If you're going to give him a bag AND Burrow and the fan base can stomach the four hurries/hits/sacks he will be good for per game (feels like its at least once per quarter he gets beat, easily) then you'll be fine. From what I understand, you need all the the help you can get anyway."
- u/ExtraLucky13

"That picture of Micah Parsons hip tossing him should be all you need to know about ol 69." - u/xH4V0Cx

"One play, he’ll leave Burrow exposed to a big hit for a nasty sack. The next play he’ll be in the second level leading Mixon for a huge gain. He has a long frame which makes it tough to anchor against strong DEs but for similar reasons he can dominate in a zone blocking scheme.
Personally I don’t think he’s worth what he’ll command in Free Agency but like others have said, you could do worse. He’s got to be more of a scheme fit to enhance his value." - u/bfolksdiddy

"Ignore the ones saying he was bad. He was above average in run blocking and adequate for pass blocking, just gets worked occasionally vs. elite pass rushers. Everyone expects Trent level production on the right side but he’s not that guy.
Now that he hits free agency, he might be overpriced for what he can produce. Joe is elusive enough that anything might be an upgrade but I think Mixon might benefit the most from McGlinchey." - u/OGStrong

"He'd be an upgrade for the Bengals, who really struggled along the offensive line. Imagine a Joe Burrow with a good OL!" - u/paltrysum67

So, there you have it -- That's what 49er fans are saying about McGlinchey.

Some defended him and said that he'd be good for the Bengals while others didn't think he'd be able to hold up in pass-protection for a pass-heavy Bengals offense. It's true that the 49ers run the ball far more than Cincinnati does but the hope is that the stripes can get back to running the ball more in 2023.

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What do you think, Bengals fans? Are you sold on McGlinchey or would you rather the team go in a different direction at right tackle?