A look at 5 49ers who could make life hell for the Bengals in Week 8

  • CMC is a mad man
  • Aiyuk will take the production that Samuel would have had
  • Kittle is arguably a top 3 TE
  • Defensively, Bosa and Warner are scary
San Francisco 49ers v Minnesota Vikings
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Nick Bosa

When you just look at Bosa's pure sack numbers, you might be tricked into thinking that he too is having a down year. While, yes, he might not be quite as dominant as he was in 2022, when he recorded a whopping 18.5 sacks during the regular season, leading the league in that category and taking home Defensive Player of the Year honors, the younger Bosa is still a nightmare for opposing QBs. He's someone the Bengals' coaches better be ready to scheme around, whether that additional blocking assignments for tight ends and running backs or quicker routes so Burrow can get the ball out before he's sacked.

Right now, Nick Bosa doesn't seem all that intimidating to the more casual fans of the NFL as they see that he has just 2.5 sacks through seven weeks, however, his impact on opposing offenses is seen much clearer when you take a look at his pressures this season. He's currently seventh in the league in pressures behind other elite rushers like Aidan Hutchinson, Josh Allen, and T.J. Watt and is tied with a name that the Bengals are all too familiar with in Myles Garrett with 19 pressures on the season.

It doesn't help that, for the umpteenth year in a row, the Bengals are having O-line struggles. While they have been better than in years past, it still isn't quite as good as many fans-- including myself-- were hoping. And even though most of the sack numbers come from the interior, with Karras and Volson allowing a combined eight, the tackles haven't been so secure either, allowing 26 of the 60 pressures Burrow has faced this season.

So, whether the younger Bosa lines on the edge or interior, it'll probably be a long day for the Bengals' offensive line.