5 Bengals at risk of losing their roster spots from last year

  • Defensive line is stacked
  • Receivers in danger
  • QB has to prove himself
  • Former second-round pick could be a cut candidate
Cincinnati Bengals v New York Giants
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1. Jackson Carman

Finally, we arrive at the part where we say Jackson Carman is at risk of losing his roster spot from last year. To paraphrase the Mad Titan, Thanos, it was “inevitable.” 

Carman must play closer to how he did in the playoffs last year than in the preseason opener against the Packers. The fourth-year pro did not have his best game last week. As a result, the Bengals have decided to move him back to the left side of the offensive line. 

However, the move to the left side should yield positive results for Carman. He should perform better there since that is where he spent his entire college career. It is also where he has shown the most promise since entering the league but he will have competition with D’Ante Smith and Hakeem Adeniji, who have played well thus far. 

Carman is tumbling down the depth chart, but he has a chance to regain his footing on the left side of the line. He could lose his roster spot if he does not show dramatic improvement. Even if he does play better, there is a chance the Bengals will try to trade him to an offensive line-needy team. 

If the Bengals release Carman, it would be interesting to see if they ask him to sign to the practice squad. More than likely, however, another team would claim a former second-round offensive lineman if that were to happen. Teams are always looking to add depth and versatility to their offensive line. 

NFL roster construction is exciting to watch unfold. That is why we love to argue about who the third-string tight end should be in August. It’s probably notably less fun deep within the halls of Paycor Stadium.


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The Cincinnati Bengals have several difficult decisions to make as the end of the preseason quickly approaches. Let’s hope they all turn out to be the correct ones.