5 Bengals who have been the biggest letdowns through Week 12

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Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens
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2. Irv Smith Jr.

The Bengals continued to use a free agent to fill their starting tight end position this year but unfortunately for them, it has not gone as well as it did a year ago. While Hayden Hurst balled out for the Bengals on a one-year "prove it" deal, Irv Smith Jr. has not been able to replicate his production and make the most out of catching passes from Joe Burrow.

At the beginning of the season, the problem was an injury that sidelined Smith for a handful of games. The injury bug that plagued his career in Minnesota followed him to Cincinnati as he missed two games right off the bat.

Once he returned from injury, he continued to not make an impact. He has just 16 catches for 97 yards and one touchdown through nine games as a Bengal. He's also listed as the third-string tight end on Our Lads' Bengals depth chart.

Fortunately, Smith was only signed to a one-year deal so he won't be back in 2024. The Bengals need to spend a high draft pick on a tight end in next year's draft.