5 Bengals who have been the biggest letdowns through Week 12

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Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens
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1. Tee Higgins

There's still time for Tee Higgins to turn his 2023 season around but so far this year, he's been a letdown for the Bengals, especially in a contract year. The two sides failed to agree on an extension so unless Cincinnati franchise tags him, Higgins will be a free agent in the spring.

Higgins has missed four games this season due to a hamstring injury so that's obviously been one issue. The other has been that his stats haven't popped off the page as they have in past years. Higgins has 27 catches for 328 yards and two touchdowns this season and hasn't found the end zone since Week 2.

The good news is that Higgins' last game was his best of the season, as he hauled in eight catches for 110 yards and averaged 13.8 yards per catch. As I said before, he has a chance to turn his season around and cash in on what's sure to be a massive contract in the offseason. As of now, however, Higgins has been the team's biggest letdown 12 weeks into the 2023 season.

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