5 Bengals players who shouldn't be back next year

Cincinnati Bengals v Washington Football Team
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The Cincinnati Bengals didn't make it back to the Super Bowl after falling to the Kanas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game. That forced them into offseason mode two weeks earlier than they'd have preferred.

There will be some tough questions to answer this offseason but these five players are easy candidates to not be on the team in 2023. Whether they're free agents or cap casualties, it's time to part ways with these five players.

5. Clark Harris

Clark Harris was the Bengals long snapper for 14 years and in the league for 15 years total. He returned to Cincinnati last offseason but was sadly injured in the first game of the regular season and not having him out there actually led to the Bengals losing to the Steelers in overtime.

Harris landed on IR and was replaced by UDFA rookie Cal Adomitis from Week 2 on. While Adomitis had his ups and downs as a rookie long snapper, he's younger and it'd be smart for the Bengals to not keep switching things up on Evan McPherson.

While Harris said after the injury that he wouldn't retire, would he really want to return for a 16th season and start over with a new team? The Bengals might still want Harris as their long-snapper but it just makes sense to keep Adomitis as the long-snapper moving forward.