5 Bengals players who shouldn't be back next year

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4. La'el Collins

When it comes to cap casualties, La'el Collins deserves to be on the list. According to Paul Dehner Jr. of The Athletic, the Bengals could save $6.2 million in cap space if they part ways with Collins. It's a move that doesn't need to happen right away and that's a good thing considering that Collins is coming off ACL surgery.

There was a lot of hype for Collins coming to Cincinnati and the big guy made a lot of promises he couldn't keep during the season. His reputation from Dallas was that he couldn't stay healthy and that he was up and down as a right tackle. That checked out during his one season in Cincinnati.

Collins wasn't bad by any means but if the Bengals can put the money they save by cutting him to better use, they should do it no questions asked. I won't be shocked if Collins isn't on the team in 2023.