5 Bengals who must perform in 2023 ahead of contract decisions

  • Jonah Williams has a chance to make a lot of money
  • 3 linebackers are entering contract years
  • Can Trenton Irwin make the most of this opportunity?
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4. WR Trenton Irwin 

Trenton Irwin has been hanging around the Bengals roster for a few years but last season finally got his true opportunity to receive meaningful snaps. When Ja'Marr Chase was out for a couple of weeks, Irwin made the absolute most of his opportunity. He finished the year with 231 receiving yards and four touchdowns.

Irwin will enter the year as the expected number four wideout but has proven reliable in his role, and that goes a long way. Not to mention, he is very affordable and continues to fly under the radar as an effective wide receiver on this roster.

Rookie fourth-rounder Charlie Jones will present some different challenges for Irwin and his overall role. This will be a big season to prove whether or not Irwin is a long-term piece or if this will be the final season we see him in a Cincinnati Bengals uniform.

3. LB Logan Wilson 

Logan Wilson, like Tee Higgins, has pretty much locked up his stature and position with the Cincinnati Bengals. Right now, it just comes down to if both sides can agree on a deal. 

Wilson has been a centerpiece of the Bengals' defense and would be a significant loss if Cincinnati can't afford to bring him back. However, Wilson will still need to perform at a high and consistent level if he wants to get paid like a top-tier free-agent linebacker. He's currently projected to earn a three-year deal worth $34.5 million, per PFF.