5 Bengals who secured their roster spot following Week 3 of the preseason

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1. Andrei Iosivas

While fans probably would have bet on Iosivas to make the final roster due to being a recent draft pick, that's never a guarantee, especially for a sixth-rounder. That being said, after watching him ball out in the preseason, Iosivas is definitely making the team.

The Princeton rookie finished the preseason with 12 receptions for 129 yards and a touchdown. He led the team in receiving yards in the first two preseason games and then in the finale, had three catches for 35 yards and a touchdown.

The only reason Iosivas would have been left off the roster before is so that the Bengals could be sure to include their special teams ace Stanley Morgan Jr. or to also include return specialist Trent Taylor. The sixth-round rookie has now cemented himself as a must-have on the 53-man roster.


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These five Bengals did enough this preseason to cement their spot on the 53-man roster. Now we'll see if the Cincinnati Bengals do indeed keeping them on the roster.