5 Bengals who upped their stock in preseason opener vs Packers

  • Tycen Anderson is an obvious standout
  • Jordan Battle showed major potential
  • Andrei Iosivas led the team in receiving yards
  • The punter battle doesn't feel like a battle
  • Jay Tufele will make the DL depth competition interesting
Green Bay Packers v Cincinnati Bengals
Green Bay Packers v Cincinnati Bengals / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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Jordan Battle

Perhaps it's biased on my end because I've been really high on Jordan Battle since he was drafted but I believe Battle also made the race for the starting safety positions more interesting with his performance against Green Bay. He had a quietly good game with a couple of highlight plays. He might not have gotten two interceptions and taken one to the house, but he still put up a solid performance in his first NFL game.

Battle finished the game with two tackles, one for loss, and a PBU (pass break-up). If you missed the game you can see all three of those plays compiled together into one short video, courtesy of @gameonjmoney on Twitter/X/Whatever-It's-Called-Now

In a small sample size, Battle showed flashes of why so many draft experts said he was a steal for the Bengals to get in the third round. Even if he doesn't start this year, he'll likely get meaningful snaps throughout the regular season, and this preseason opener showed why he deserves them.