5 first-round scenarios for Bengals at right tackle in 2024 NFL draft

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Unfortunately, we are still discussing the state of the Cincinnati Bengals’ offensive line heading into the 2024 NFL Draft. Nevertheless, it is a conversation that fans of the men in stripes have become accustomed to having. 

Well before Joe Burrow entered the league, we watched Andy Dalton go from being the quarterback of a perennial playoff team to looking like he was seeing ghosts due to the beating he was taking every Sunday. 

The importance of drafting the right offensive linemen has been magnified with the selection of, and injuries to, Joe Burrow. 

As we gear up for the NFL combine, here are five first-round scenarios for the Bengals to solidify the right tackle spot, with Jonah Williams likely moving on in free agency this offseason.

Bengals can use the 18th overall pick to trade up

Let’s start with the most unlikely situation, which is trading up. Cincinnati’s history is littered with more examples of the team trading back rather than up.

However, if the team wants to show the world, and more importantly, their franchise quarterback, that they are all in on acquiring the best available talent to put in front of Burrow, what better way to execute that vision than with a blockbuster trade acquiring one of the best offensive linemen in the draft? 

Joe Alt has been crowned the best offensive lineman in the draft. Unfortunately for the Bengals, he did not play much on the right side of Notre Dame's offensive line. But he often lined up as the extra lineman of an unbalanced offensive line, a formation that Notre Dame used often throughout the 2023 season. 

No matter which side he played for, the Bengals should consider trading up for the consensus best offensive tackle. Whoever that turns out to be.