5 first-round scenarios for Bengals at right tackle in 2024 NFL draft

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The Bengals could trade the pick away

It is equally unlikely that the team will trade their first-round pick for a player on another team.

There is a lack of elite offensive linemen in the NFL. If a team has one, they are unlikely to move off of him unless the offer is something they cannot refuse. However, what happens when the 18th overall selection enters the chat? 

If the Bengals do not want to make a blockbuster trade to move up in the draft for the top prospect, they could offer it to teams possibly willing to accept a return on their investment. 

Players who would have been perfect for the Bengals to draft but did not are Zach Tom and Dawand Jones. It is doubtful that the Packers or the Browns would want to part ways with their up-and-coming star linemen. But when teams start offering first-round selections and pick swaps, the tone of conversations changes quickly. 

No, the Bengals would not offer a first-round pick for Tom or any other lineman currently under contract with another team. However, the option should not be summarily dismissed.