5 most dangerous Browns players to be fearful of in Week 1

  • Can the Bengals young secondary cope with an experienced receiver?
  • The interior of the Browns defensive line has been upgraded
  • How heavily will the Browns lean on the running game?
  • The Bengals will have to deal with a top-10 quarterback
  • Pass protection will be tested to the max by our numer 1 pick

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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3. Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson's return to action after missing a season and three quarters was underwhelming, to say the least. Watson's suspension was well documented; prior to it, he was one of the most electric playmakers in the league.

In 2022, his completion percentage dipped under 60%, and he threw five picks in six games. It was a worrying start for a player who signed the biggest fully guaranteed contract in NFL history. With that weight on his shoulders, he is expected to bounce back after a full offseason of preparation.

The Bengals will need to be wary of his dual threat ability. Watson can move the chains through the air and with his legs. The most intriguing battle for Watson could be against Daxton Hill. Hill can move around the formation, and Watson must be wary of him freelancing in the defensive backfield.

A strong performance from Watson will be key to the end result in this one.