5 pending 2024 free agents Bengals fans should worry about losing

These guys might not be in stripes after 2023.
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Logan Wilson

Duke Tobin has hit on a lot of players in the draft, and the linebacker out of Wyoming is another example of that. Taken in the same class as Burrow and Higgins (2020 was a very good draft for the Bengals), Wilson truly broke out in 2021 with 100 tackles, four interceptions, and four passes defended. His versatility as a defender, from pass coverage to stopping runs, has set him apart as one of the very top players on a Bengals defense that has been very good the past couple of seasons.

A player being good, though, is always a double-edged sword because, while they contribute to the team winning, they are also going to rightfully ask for a good deal of money. Right now, Spotrac has Wilson's market value listed at around $9.5 million annually, but if he has another good season and even improves on the last two years-- as one would expect him to-- then there's no doubt that number would go up.

Even if it doesn't, there could easily be a team willing to pay more than that for Wilson if they have a weak linebacker core and see the talented, still fairly young Wyoming Product as the solution to it. Money talks for most players, and if the front office isn't looking to match a big offer that Logan Wilson might get out on the market, then Bengals fans will have to say their goodbyes to a player who has became a fan-favorite.