5 reasons why the Bengals need to consider sitting Joe Burrow

  • Ineffectiveness
  • Lack of protection
  • Playcalling
  • Frustration
  • Think of the future
Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans
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4) Locker room frustration

The offensive players know this is not how the offense should look. They, more than anyone, know that, at this moment, the playbook is restricted in that the options are limited.

As a result, their play and statistics may be suffering. If that is the case, there might be an overflow of negative emotions that could surface.

Along with the desire to get big numbers from individuals, there is also the realization that what they are currently doing is not working as a team. The result is a losing club, which had big expectations at the start of the season.

If a player expected to win big this season, but this year has suddenly become the opposite, that will surely be a source of frustration.

There could also be free agents who were brought in to be part of a winning team and are now the subject of backlash because they are taking over for fan favorites who are off to greener pastures. That is a negative situation that perhaps the free agent did not expect when signing with Cincinnati.

Everyone is keeping a positive face, for the most part. Nevertheless, anticipate some frustrations slowly seeping through if this poor offensive output continues.

We can only hope that that will not eventually turn into frustration directed at the star quarterback trying to gut it out in the face of his injury.