5 toughest remaining games on Bengals 2023 schedule

  • Two AFC North foes
  • Two other AFC squads
  • A terrifying NFC team
Cincinnati Bengals v Arizona Cardinals
Cincinnati Bengals v Arizona Cardinals / Norm Hall/GettyImages
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Week 11 vs. Baltimore Ravens

To those reading this, assuming all of you are Bengal fans, you're not going to like this next stat. Lamar Jackson is 7-1 against the Bengals as a starter, and head-to-head against Joe Burrow, he's 3-1. Say what you want about the Louisville product, about his lack of postseason success, but one thing you cannot deny is that he wins the Ravens games in the regular season. With a 48-18 record and 72.7% win percentage, he is one of the toughest quarterbacks to beat from September to early January.

Cincy got their first action against Jackson and the Ravens very early in the season, in a 27-24 Week 2 loss where the Bengals' offense couldn't get going until the second half while the defense allowed the Ravens' offense to run all over them and struggled to get off the field. They'll have a chance at revenge in Week 11 in Baltimore, but it won't be easy. Every divisional match is tough in the AFC North, but the Ravens-- especially when Jackson is under center-- have been giving them the most trouble as of late.

It's not just Lamar that Cincinnati will have to watch out for, but their defense poses a huge threat as well. They were able to completely stifle the Bengals for the entire first half and hold the offensive unit to just a field goal. Their pass rush is formidable, headlined by guys like Roquan Smith, Justin Madubuike, and Patrick Queen. If they can remain healthy (which has been their biggest issue this year, they have a Pro Bowl roster of injuries already), then they will be a huge obstacle for the offense to overcome.

With how tight the AFC North race is already shaping out to be, it's not a stretch to say this could end up becoming a must-win game for the Bengals when Week 11 rolls around, as they once again have started 0-2 in division play and sit at the bottom of the division through five weeks.