6 pessimistic stats from the Bengals Week 12 loss vs. Steelers

  • Points off turnovers
  • Yards surrendered
  • Explosive plays allowed
  • Inability to cover tight ends
  • Yards per carry
  • Sacks allowed
Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals
Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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Unfortunately, like your national television schedule until your favorite show returns after the Super Bowl, we are in re-runs with disappointing statistics after a Cincinnati Bengals game. While backup Jake Browning adds a twist to an old classic like NCIS Sydney, the formula remains eerily similar, just like NCIS Sydney.

Zero points off turnovers, sacks, QB hits, lack of a running game, and too many yards given up continue to be the downfall for a Cincinnati team that was desperate for a win coming into their match-up against the hated rival Steelers.

Here are your six pessimistic stats from the Cincinnati Bengals’ loss to their arch-nemesis, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

0 points off turnovers, again

We posted last week that the Bengals’ defense can’t continue to give up a lot of yards and count on a red zone turnover to bail them out. Perhaps we were too earnest in that assessment because it happened again.

The Steelers had the ball at Cincinnati’s 15-yard line in the first quarter. Defensive tackle Zach Carter forced a fumble on third down that was recovered by DJ Turner. While the fumble recovery and heads-up return were excellent turns of events, Cincinnati’s offense could not turn the turnover into points despite being set up with decent field position after Turner’s return.

So, before we get into some things that went wrong for the defense, that red zone turnover went according to plan. Yet, the offense could not capitalize, which we have seen several times this season.