6 players that powered the Bengals over the Ravens in the Wild Card

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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The Cincinnati Bengals are onto Buffalo.

The Baltimore Ravens played tough and brought the game down to the wire (which is more than some people were giving them credit for before Sunday night). They might have had a backup quarterback in, but that defense is probably the best the Bengals will face in the playoffs, at least in the AFC. And, as Zac Taylor said in the locker room after the game, this is what AFC North football is, this is what playoff football is. Nothing's going to be easy, but if guys step up and make plays, they'll come out on top.

The defense deserves most of the credit for this win, and I want to highlight a few performances in particular that stood out to me against the Ravens.

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Sam Hubbard and Logan Wilson

First, let's get the obvious heroes of the game out of the way. Up until that game-changing, record-breaking play, these two were already having a good night. Wilson was making tackles, Hubbard was applying pressure off the edge, and they were already putting up a good game in this Wild Card matchup.

However, it went from good to memorable greatness when, as the Ravens were knocking on the Bengals' end zone door, Logan Wilson reached out and punched the ball out of Tyler Huntley's hands, which landed right into Hubbard's arms who took it the distance in what would be the game-winning touchdown.

They're the MVPs of this game, no doubt about it.