6 reasons why Bengals fans should cheer for Jaguars over Chiefs

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Cincinnati Bengals fans everywhere should want the Jacksonville Jaguars to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs. Spoiler alert, none of these reasons include the perception that the Jags represent an easier opponent in a potential AFC Championship appearance. 

Here are six reasons to root for the Jaguars on Saturday.

All-Pro less

First, the Bengals and Jaguars represent the only teams in the playoffs with no players on the All-Pro team. Normally, Bengals fans would not care about Jacksonville not having any All-Pro players. However, as the only two teams in the playoffs that do not have any players to receive that hour, it would provide a big middle finger to those who vote for the All-Pro team. 

Shifting narratives

Another proverbial middle finger would come in the form of shifting narratives. Cincinnati did nothing in this regard despite beating Kansas City twice on their way to a Super Bowl appearance last year.

Even before entering the 2022 season, a Bills-Chiefs AFC Championship game has been treated as a foregone conclusion. There remain only two teams who can ruin that for the NFL. How fitting would it be that neither Buffalo nor Kansas City make it that far? 

This would be especially appropriate after the “coin flip” fiasco.

Another potential narrative shift is Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen as the best two quarterbacks in the AFC. Perhaps if the Jaguars were to beat the Chiefs and the Bengals go on to defeat the Bills, a new, less tiring narrative could blossom, one that surrounds Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence thereby giving fans from markets outside of Kansas City and Buffalo something else to hear about for more than a year. 

Even if it turns into a Bengals-Jaguars AFC Championship game, rest assured the Mahomes-Allen over everyone else talk will not go away, at least not anytime soon. A Burrow-Lawrence game would provide some relief from the aforementioned talking point.