6 stats from Bengals Week 2 loss that were unacceptable

  • Yards per carry allowed
  • Sacks (or lack thereof)
  • Punting yards
  • First-half passing stats
  • Rushing attempts
  • 0-2
Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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3) 35 yards passing in a half

Another unacceptable stat from the game versus the Ravens is the Bengals' 35 passing yards in the first half. Joe Burrow, at halftime, threw the ball 11 times, completing eight passes for a total of 35 yards.

To add context, Jackson, a supposedly running quarterback who has trouble throwing the ball, had 141 yards at halftime.

Burrow would go on to have a respectable game, throwing for 222 yards on the day with two touchdowns and one interception. He finished with a passer rating of 85.6 and a QBR of 61.5.

These stats are not what we are accustomed to seeing from the star quarterback. It was evident that he was moving slowly last week because of what we can only speculate is a lingering calf injury.

This week, we have a bit of confirmation of that lingering injury because, after throwing a touchdown to Tee Higgins in the fourth quarter, Burrow immediately limped to the sideline, sat down, and attempted to massage-gun out ailments that appeared to bother him.

The Bengals cannot have performances from that quarterback that result in 35 yards passing for half, particularly behind an offensive line that did a decent job of protecting the quarterback, allowing Burrow time to throw the ball. That first-half performance contributed to the team's deficit, which they could not recover from.