6 stats from Bengals Week 2 loss that were unacceptable

  • Yards per carry allowed
  • Sacks (or lack thereof)
  • Punting yards
  • First-half passing stats
  • Rushing attempts
  • 0-2
Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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2) 14 vs. 8-0

Fourteen. That was the number of rushing attempts by Bengals players not named Joe Burrow for the game against the Ravens. Fourteen!

Joe Mixon ran the ball 13 times for 59 yards with an average of 4.5 yards per carry. Rookie running back Chase Brown touched the ball once and ran for two yards. As a team, the Bengals rushed the ball 15 times for 66 yards, averaging 4.4 yards per carry. 

The teams with the most attempts this season are the Cowboys, Eagles, Falcons, and Ravens. They are a combined 8-0. There are five teams with fewer rushing attempts than the Bengals. They are Carolina, New Orleans, Minnesota, and Pittsburgh. Out of this group, the Panthers and Vikings are are also 0-2.

Knowing that Burrow is still dealing with a calf muscle that is bothering him, in an attempt to protect Burrow, the Bengals must try to run the ball more than they have in these first two games.

Against Cleveland, the Bengals only rushed the ball 20 times for 75 yards, averaging 3.8 yards per attempt.

Not only must the Bengals try to run the ball more, but it would behoove them to execute better when they do so. This is even more critical if Joe Burrow is not 100%.

Chase Brown is an excellent running back. Unfortunately, through two games, he’s only been active for one and has only one carry. The Bengals should attempt to use the running back’s speed and explosiveness more than they have.

The Bengals should also rely on their new-look offensive line to move defenders in the run game and give Mixon more opportunities to carry the ball.

The ground attack had some success and showed promise throughout the game, so, unfortunately, the team did not go that well more often.