6 winners, 4 losers from Bengals preseason opener vs. Packers

  • Tycen Anderson an obvious winner
  • Jay Tufele could make a play for a roster spot
  • Evan McPherson is still a good kicker
  • Jackson Carman with a rough day at the office
Green Bay Packers v Cincinnati Bengals
Green Bay Packers v Cincinnati Bengals / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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Losers from Bengals preseason opener

Sidney Jones IV

Cincinnati chose to go young and cheap in free agency for their secondary, and Jones is now on the outs for the final roster. With a strong showing by rookie cornerback D.J. Turner and safety Jordan Battle, the Bengals may choose to keep an extra safety and cut Jones loose. He gave up a touchdown to Romeo Doubs early and never recovered.

The veteran cornerback looked lost on the field and could not seem to keep up before the first half closed. Unless Jones can flip the script and make some big plays in the next two preseason games, he might have a fate assigned to the practice squad. 

Jackson Carman

Carman was one of the few players to start all four quarters of the preseason game. Whether this was the coach’s decision or Carman’s own choice, he looked lackluster at best. He looked to be in the mix for the right tackle spot, but if either Collins or Williams are healthy, it is imperative they start.

Carman was horrendous against the Packers' starting pass rush, giving up a sack on the opening drive. A penalty late in the fourth quarter and Carman being unable to hold himself against the Packers’ bubble players should tell the Bengals' front office everything they need to know about Jackson Carman.


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He was a bad pick in 2021, and he never developed into the player that Cincinnati thought he could become. If he doesn’t drastically improve before Week 1, the former second-rounder might not even be worth a roster spot.