6 worst Bengals teams of all time

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The Cincinnati Bengals have had some really bad teams. Let's take a look at the six worst in franchise history.

We'll look at these six teams in order from when they occurred.

All stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference

1991 Bengals (3-13)

Prior to the 1991 season getting underway, Paul Brown passed away and his son, Mike Brown, took over as the team's owner. The season appeared doomed from the start, as the Bengals started the season at 0-8. They entered their Week 5 bye at 0-4 and lost four more games before finally getting a W against the Browns in Week 10.

A big reason for why the Bengals were so bad in 1991 was that their defense was atrocious. They finished last in the league in pretty much every category and just might be the worst defense in Bengals history.

The season was so bad that Sam Wyche, arguably the best head coach in franchise history, was fired. Things unraveled for the franchise from there as the 1990s were not a kind decade for the Stripes. We have four more teams from the 90s to discuss in this piece.