6 worst Bengals teams of all time

New England Patriots vCincinnati Bengals
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1993 Bengals (3-13)

Remember how I said the 1991 Bengals started at 0-8? Well, the 1993 Bengals took a page out of their book and then some, starting with an 0-10 record, their season crashing and burning before it ever really began.

The defense was better in 1993 but the offense was worse, finishing as the worst offense in the entire league. The David Klingler experiment was a colossal failure, as he threw for under 2,000 yards, six touchdowns, and nine picks in his 13 starts. The Bengals had traded Boomer Esiason the offseason before so the team was forced to stick with Klingler.

We're not anywhere close to being done with the 1990s.