6 worst Bengals teams of all time

New England Patriots vCincinnati Bengals
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1994 Bengals (3-13)

For the third time in four years, the Cincinnati Bengals finished with a lackluster 3-13 record. The 1994 season was also the third time in four years that the Stripes started the season 0-8. They barely got their first win in Week 10 with an overtime victory over the Seahawks.

The offense improved a bit from the previous year behind Jeff Blake coming in for David Klingler but the defense regressed and was one of the worst units in the league that year.

Something cool that happened in the 1994 season was Bengals head coach Dave Shula faced off against Don Shula and his Dolphins, marking the first time the NFL had father and son head coaches square off. The Bengals lost badly though so that part was less fun.

1998 Bengals (3-13)

Hey, another 3-13 season! This was the fourth 3-13 season for the Bengals in 1990s.

The Bengals signed Neil O'Donnell in the offseason to help prevent more quarterback woes but the offensive line did him no favors. He was sacked 30 times and won just two games in his 11 starts. He did throw for 15 touchdowns as opposed to four interceptions though.

The offense and the defense were both bad but Corey Dillon was one of the few bright spots, rushing for 1,130 yards behind an abysmal offensive line. Cincinnati might have only won three games in 1998 but two of those three wins came against the Steelers so that's always a bright spot.

A not-so-bright spot: The Bengals being as bad as they were in 1998 gave them the third overall pick in the 1999 NFL Draft where they took Akili Smith. Yikes.