7 noteworthy Bengals slated to hit free agency in 2024

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Tyler Boyd

One of the most popular Bengals slated to hit free agency next year is Tyler Boyd, who Cincinnati spent a second-round pick on in 2016. Boyd was a bright spot for the team during times when things weren't really going so well.

Boyd was signed to an extension after his rookie contract but things have changed since then despite him still playing at a WR2-level. The Bengals drafted Tee Higgins in 2020 and then Ja'Marr Chase in 2021, which meant that Boyd was relegated to WR3 duties. He's played well in the two years since Chase has been in town but teams are going to be willing to pay him more money to have a bigger role.

With Burrow, Chase, and Higgins being the priorities over the next year and a half, Boyd probably isn't coming back in 2024.

Tee Higgins

This could change depending on how contract negotiations go but as of this writing, Tee Higgins is set to become a free agent when the Bengals' 2023 season officially ends. The front office has made it clear that they want to keep him in the stripes but that's easier said than done.

Considering that Higgins is projected to earn an annual salary of over $20 million and that the team still wants to give large contracts to Burrow and Chase, it'll be tricky keeping all three of these guys.