AFC North head coaches ranked from worst to best in 2023

- Where does Zac Taylor rank?

- Who is better: Tomlin or Harbaugh?

- Who is the worst in the division?

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1. Mike Tomlin

The best coach in the AFC North is also the longest-tenured one. Mike Tomlin was hired as the Pittsburgh Steelers' head coach in 2007 and the team has not had a losing record since he joined the team.

I'll say that again: The Pittsburgh Steelers have not had a losing record since Tomlin has been their head coach. That's insane! Even great coaches like Bill Belichick and Andy Reid have had losing records at some point during their coaching career, but not Tomlin.

Even this past year when the Steelers looked like one of the worst teams in the league at the halfway point, they managed to go 9-8 and make a late playoff push.

In just his second season, Tomlin and the Steelers won the Super Bowl. Some might argue that he won it with Bill Cowher's players but who cares? It's hard to win championships and Tomlin did it in only his second year in charge.

The fact that the Steelers didn't have a losing record in a year where a guy named Duck Hodges played quarterback for them is incredible and Tomlin deserves a ton of credit for that. Bengals fans probably don't like that I put Tomlin and Harbaugh ahead of Taylor on this list but can you really blame me?


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Both coaches have been the epitome of consistency since taking over for their respective teams and it's made it hard for the Bengals to totally dominate the division now that they're Super Bowl contenders. You might not like it but Mike Tomlin and John Harbaugh are the two best coaches in the AFC North and until Zac Taylor wins a Super Bowl, he'll be locked into that three-spot.