AFC North Power Rankings after Week 10: Bengals lose ground

  • Bengals back in last
  • Ravens narrowly hanging onto the top spot
Houston Texans v Cincinnati Bengals
Houston Texans v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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3) Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3)

For once, the Pittsburgh Steelers did not have to wait until the fourth quarter for their offense to come alive. That was good news for them, as they only managed six points in the second half but that was enough to defeat the Green Bay Packers, 23-19.

With their victory, the Steelers hold on to second place in the division and fifth place in the playoff picture. However, they still have not shown enough to surpass the Browns or Ravens in the AFC North Power Rankings.

Their -26-point differential remains the worst among the teams in the playoff picture. They rank 29th in points scored. To their credit, they continue to earn the most important stat: wins.

At a certain point, it would be logical to expect such a bad point differential to catch up with a team but nothing has been logical about Pittsburgh’s season this year. Perhaps the explanation is in Mike Tomlin’s magic and ability to, as he often says in his post-game press conferences, “not to blink” in late-game situations.

That could change when they go against their rival, the Cleveland Browns, in their next game.