AFC North Power Rankings after Week 14 (Bengals leap Ravens despite tiebreaker)

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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3. Cleveland Browns (5-8)

The Browns are coming off a really good win against the Bucs and then a defensive-infused win versus the Texans. They could've turned that into three wins in a row Sunday against the Bengals but could not capitalize on their opportunities to do so.

The Browns now fall to 5-8 and like the Steelers have little to no hope of finding a playoff spot in these final four weeks of the season. The Browns do have Deshaun Watson as their starter now after he served his 11-game suspension and he got better in his second start back.

Watson is starting to show glimpses of his old self which is why the Browns are trending upward while the Steelers are on their way down. Cleveland may finish below .500 but these games are still vital to the future. This is a key opportunity for these Browns to gain some sort of chemistry with their long-term quarterback and to build a foundation for what they want their identity to be and what they want Browns football to represent. 

2. Baltimore Ravens (9-4) 

As I mentioned above, the Ravens would win the division if the season ended today, and power rankings are always very fluid. The Ravens have played one of their most lackluster stretches of games over these last few weeks against teams that they should have no problem beating soundly.

They escaped games with wins against the Panthers and Broncos, they lost to the Jaguars and they once again escaped a win against the Steelers. They do deserve credit for doing it with a backup quarterback and then a third-string quarterback but the fact of the matter is they are not currently playing their best football and it is always about which teams get hot in December and January.

If the Ravens cannot turn a switch on and potentially get Lamar Jackson back or even Tyler Huntley back within the next 1-2 weeks then they could be behind Cincinnati in the division very soon.