AFC North Power Rankings after Week 14 (Bengals leap Ravens despite tiebreaker)

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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1. Cincinnati Bengals (9-4) 

The Cincinnati Bengals have played their best stretch of games all season. They currently look like one of the best teams in the league on both sides of the ball. Cincinnati has won five straight games including wins against the Kansas City Chiefs, Tennessee Titans, and Pittsburgh Steelers on the road, the Browns at home, and the Panthers in blowout fashion.

The Bengals and Ravens will be in a grudge match till the very end of the season to see who will lock up the division but at this current moment, the Bengals deserve to be at the top of the division power rankings.

This doesn't necessarily mean they will go on to win the division because the Ravens do deserve plenty of recognition and with four weeks remaining this race is far from over. Cincinnati still has games against the Buccaneers, Patriots, Bills, and Ravens in Week 18 which very well could be the game that decides who ends up hosting a home playoff game or who will start the first round of the playoffs on the road in a wild card spot. 

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After watching the Bengals and Ravens play over the past few weeks, however, not many people are going to say that Baltimore is the better team.