AFC North QB Rankings after Week 13 (How can Joe Burrow NOT be number 1?)

Kansas City Chiefs v Cincinnati Bengals
Kansas City Chiefs v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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Week 13 proved to be prosperous for all four AFC North teams. Each one sealed a win on Sunday, however, only one team and one QB seem to be trending in the right direction. It is very clear to see which quarterback that might be. Cincinnati Bengals fans are big fans of him.

For this Week 13 power ranking, we have a new quarterback make an appearance in this division. Jacoby Brissett’s interim as the quarterback under center has come to an end after 11 weeks with the return of Deshaun Watson.

With the Steelers, though it was Mitch Trubisky that got the start at the beginning of the year, Kenny Pickett seems to have firmly cemented his status as the starter in the black and yellow. Though they are not out of playoff contention, it’s not looking great.

Lastly, there is Joe Cool himself. Joe Burrow’s stock seems only to be going up, especially after their monumental win on Sunday.

Without further ado, let's get to the AFC North QB power rankings!

4. Deshaun Watson (Browns)

Deshaun Watson has made his return from his 11-game suspension. According to ESPN, Deshaun has been “Showing Progress”.

"He's been progressing well and he wants to continue with it, and they feel it's helping him," one source connected to Watson's treatment program said. "It's just sort of ongoing as needed, and it'll be ongoing until it's not needed anymore. And I think it's given him a lot of help and support. But this could take a while.""

Adam Schefter

The progress isn’t specific. One thing is for sure he did not make progress on the field on Sunday against his old team the Texans.

The Browns should be thankful that they played last-place Houston, otherwise they probably would’ve lost thanks to poor quarterback play. Watson looked rusty on the field after not playing for 700 days.

Watson went 12-of-22 for 131 yards and an interception. The Browns did manage to put up 27 points on Houston but all three touchdowns scored were thanks to a punt return and two defensive touchdowns.

Watson was even outplayed on Sunday by the Texans quarterback Kyle Allen who got the nod after they benched Davis Mills during their five-game losing streak. Allen threw for just over 200 yards and one touchdown and one interception.

With 700 days off from any job, anyone will be rusty so only time will tell if Watson can get back to his old form. With everything going on, on-and-off the field, it will take a while if ever for him to get back to form. The only question is who is rooting for him to?