AFC North tight end units ranked from worst to best in 2023

Where do the AFC North teams rank with their big-bodied pass-catchers?
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1. Baltimore Ravens

Most of you reading this likely saw this coming as soon as you read the title because, unfortunately, Mark Andrews is a very good football player. He's easily a top five -- and you could even make a case for top three behind Travis Kelce and George Kittle-- tight end in the NFL. Three Pro Bowls and a First-Team All-Pro selection in 2021 is enough proof of that.

He's not only a safety valve like most other tight ends in the division are, but he's a bonafide playmaker. In fact, he's been Baltimore's number-one receiving threat for the last couple of years now and is simply an elite player overall.

Andrews isn't all the Ravens have to offer at the tight end position, however, as Isaiah Likely is already shaping up to be a solid piece for them down the road, assuming they keep him around. In his rookie season, behind Andrews, Likely put up 373 yards and three touchdowns. He's not only a reliable option if Andrews gets hurt, but his role will likely expand with time even as TE2.


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At TE3 and TE4, you have your standard depth pieces who, with any luck for Baltimore, won't see much playing time in 2023 in Charlie Kolar and Travis Vokolek, but it's the elite Mark Andrews and promising Isaiah Likely that gives the Ravens the top spot when ranking the AFC North's tight end units.