Bengals bandwagons you should hop on after 2022's 1st quarter

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets
Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Hayden Hurst

Hayden Hurst might not stand out on the stat sheet, but don't let that fool you -- He's been a great signing, and anyone who has watched the Bengals games so far this season can attest to that.

The former Ravens and Falcons' tight end has made the most out of every opportunity he's been given so far and has proven to be a solid safety valve for Burrow to dump it off. He also doesn't go down easily, fighting for every yard he gets even when he has a couple of guys trying to take him down.

Just look at this highlight early in the game against the Dolphins for proof of how much effort he gives.

Clearly, Hurst feels the same way as the fans do, and will make the most out of his time here, no matter how short or long that'll be. Hopefully, it's the latter because he is fun to watch on those few times he gets the ball.

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Those are some of the more underrated Bengals whose bandwagons you should be hopping on for the future. Who else do you think should be up here?