Bengals double-up on receivers with sixth-round addition of Andrei Iosivas

Princeton v Brown
Princeton v Brown / G Fiume/GettyImages

Another wide receiver is joining the Cincinnati Bengals and his name is Andrei Iosivas out of Princeton. As Ian Rapoport noted on Twitter, Iosivas is the first Ivy Leaguer off the board and he's joining a team that should have plenty of work for him.

The Princeton product tallied 66 catches for 943 yards and seven touchdowns during the 2022 season. He's a speedy player and that shouldn't shock anyone considering how much this team has valued speed in the draft.

The only reason this might be a surprising pick is because the Bengals took a wide receiver in the fourth round. For a team that has Ja'Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd, it might shock some people for them to spend two draft picks on a position that's already well-built. You can't look at it that way though. The Bengals are adding who they believe to be the best players on the board and they'll find places for them.

Bengals select Andrei Iosivas in sixth round

Iosivas graded out well in the pre-draft process and he'll be a fun player to watch this summer. Sixth-rounders aren't guaranteed to make the 53-man roster but the Bengals like to carry six receivers typically. That means it'll be Chase, Higgins, Boyd and then the other three spots are up for grabs. Trenton Irwin's spot on the 2023 roster isn't as safe as it might have been before the draft.

What do you think of this pick, Bengals fans?