Who do Bengals fans want to back up Joe Burrow in 2023?

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow (9) and Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Brandon Allen (8)
Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow (9) and Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Brandon Allen (8) / Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer / USA TODAY

While it feels imminent that the Cincinnati Bengals will re-sign Brandon Allen to serve as Joe Burrow's backup in 2023, we're still in the part of the offseason where we can speculate about other potential backup options.

While we wait for free agency to begin, I perused Reddit to see what fans are talking about and stumbled upon a thread about who fans want to see in the QB2 role. The commenters didn't appear to want Allen back but those people need to realize that both Burrow and the Bengals organization love Allen and that's all that matters sometimes.

Who will be the Bengals' backup QB in 2023?

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Minshew is a solid option.
Frankly, if Joe is out more than 2 or 3 games, I'm not holding out much hope for the season. I'd be pleasantly shocked, but still completely shocked.
If we need a guy to play a few quarters or even a couple of games, I'd like someone much more capable than Allen. He makes me antsy just doing mop-up work. I don't think he's the guy to at least go .500 or win a couple with Joe away. Allen is pretty much a solid guess of 0-2 if Joe's out 2 games and the D doesn't light those 2 opponents up.
I don't want the Colt McCoy or Drew Dalton (this is my personal name for the bearded, older Andy that is shuffling around the league as the journeyman backup) or Minshew type as my starter but I'd love them to be a viable backup that isn't a guaranteed L.
- u/Ponchoreborn

Heinicke would be an incredible backup - u/volrjr4

Why not Dalton. He's done with NO. SF might pick him up. If he takes a team friendly deal maybe he won't mind being behind Joey with Cincy being a SB contender now? - u/SwagLikeOhio1803

Bring back the rifle to hold the clipboard on the journey to the superbowl. - u/fluffHead_1909

I want ANDY DALTON, ILL SAY IT ONE MORE TIME!!!!! Bring him home he will play for cheap and easily be the best for game to game situations imo - u/Strong-Breakfast3891

Idk I’m fine with Allen as long as he isn’t seeing the field. Burrow seems to like having him in the qb room. Plus any backup that is serviceable as a stand in starter would cost more than I think anyone really wants to spend on the spot. Just keep Burrow healthy and it doesn’t matter who is behind him in the depth chart. - u/Jakota_

Honestly just being back/keep who he likes. His contracts almost up (which increases the cost and decreases the players around him) and if he goes down the seasons over. - u/coffinmonkey

I'm cool with snagging stetson Bennett late - u/MFkaboom

I really wish it could’ve been Nathan Rourke from the cfl. He went to Ohio U when joe’s dad was on the staff. Jags signed him tho - u/MrAflac9916

So, there you have it! Straight from Bengals Reddit to here, letting you know who fans are eyeing as a backup for Joe Burrow in his fourth NFL season.

I was surprised to see a ton of comments with Andy Dalton's name in it. While I like Dalton and think he'd be a good backup for this team, that move feels kind of awkward. Going back to a team where you started for close to a decade to back up the guy they replaced you with isn't going to be an appealing option for the Red Rifle.

There were also several comments advocating for Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett, which I found interesting. I guess he has the whole successful college quarterback thing going for him when it comes to Joe Burrow comparisons but I don't think the guy is athletic enough to make it in the NFL.

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A point that needs to be made is that there isn't going to be a backup quarterback out there who can do what Burrow can. If Burrow goes down for an extended period of time, the sad truth is that the Bengals probably won't be very competitive. It's one of the few downsides to having an elite quarterback.

Who do you want to see backup Joey B in 2023?