Bengals fans will laugh at these tweets surrounding the Lamar Jackson drama

Baltimore Ravens v New Orleans Saints
Baltimore Ravens v New Orleans Saints / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Is there anything better than a team in the Cincinnati Bengals' division going through significant drama? That's what's transpiring right now, as the Baltimore Ravens are in quite the pickle when it comes to their franchise quarterback Lamar Jackson.

To catch everyone up on all the drama, the Ravens slapped the non-exclusive tag on Jackson earlier this offseason. That means that if a team wants to sign Jackson, they'll have to give two first-rounders to Baltimore if the Ravens don't match the offer.

Jackson tweeted on Monday that earlier this month, he requested a trade from the organization. While head coach John Harbaugh feels confident that Jackson will be the Ravens' quarterback when the 2023 season gets underway but what if the former first-rounder refuses to play? Will they move on from him then?

How are Ravens fans taking all of this news? That's what this post is for.

Here are some epic tweets from the Lamar Jackson drama.

Bengals fans agree with this tweet wholeheartedly! This whole thing is beyond entertaining and it's so much better because it's happening to the Ravens.

This tweet insinuates that Ravens fans are breaking down and destroying their glasses with Jackson revealing that he wants to be traded. To be fair, if this were happening with Joe Burrow, Bengals fans would probably be acting the same way!

This definitely made me chuckle. We all know that Jackson is leaving for other reasons but it's funny to imagine the lowly Cleveland Browns being the reason that he's wanting to pack it up and leave the AFC North.

Well... This one is kind of disgusting. Still funny though.

So true.

This one should really make Bengals fans chuckle. The team swung for the fences by acquiring Roquan Smith last season and then extending him not long after. He's tied to the team for longer than just this season but it'd be funny if what the tweet said actually happened.

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