Bengals fans expected so much more from these players in 2022

Carolina Panthers v Cincinnati Bengals
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Dax Hill

At first, we didn't see much of Hill this season, at least not on defense. His season-high snap count on defense was 28%, which he hit in Week 8 during the blowout loss to Cleveland. Hill was injured in Week 9 and didn't play in the win over Pittsburgh.

Fans expected that he'd be a bigger role in the secondary this season and while it's not entirely his fault that we haven't seen him much, not seeing a first-round pick get onto the field much is frustrating.

Chris Evans

Fans were banging the drum for Evans to be the RB2 this year instead of Samaje Perine and it hasn't happened. Unfortunately, when he had an opportunity to run roughshod over the Panthers in Week 9, he was injured and didn't end up getting to do much of anything.

Bengals fans wanted Evans to be a big weapon for the offense this year but he only has two receptions for 30 yards and has yet to receive a single carry. That's not the guy fans were clamoring to be the RB2 over the summer.

Joe Mixon

Aside from the five touchdown performance vs. the Panthers a few weeks ago, Mixon hasn't been all that effective. That fiery performance against Carolina was the only time this season where Mixon has rushed for over 100 yards and scored more than one touchdown. He's been mostly underwhelming.

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While the five-touchdown performance was fun, it was one game in a sea of mediocre games. He's definitely been a disappointment this season.